Tabris.js Roadmap

This is a general overview of features that are planned for the current development iteration and in the near-term future. Please note the list may be subject to change.

Current Near-term (~6 month)
New Tabris.js API (rework of tabris.ui)
Windows 10 Beta
Submission of builds to App Store
Dialogs (popups)
Flexible height of CollectionView
WebSocket integration
Angular 2 and declarative UI

(Angular logo, CC BY 4.0)

Custom font support
Blob support

On the Road...

The stories listed below give you an overview about the stuff we are currently working on. Please feel free to open issues or feature requests.

Story People Milestone Status
Provide Templates with ES6/TypeScript support for different IDEs none in progress
Allow injecting cookies into a webview 1.9 open
ScrollView does initially not show content in some scenarios none in progress
Referencing a widget in layoutData that is not a sibling crashes the windows client 2.0 in progress
Show "Next" button in keyboard. none in progress
Support base64 utility methods none in progress